Emergency Tree Service

Greenwwood’s Tree Contractors offer a 24-Hr emergency tree removal service if you have hazardous / storm-damaged trees that have fallen. Fallen trees may have resulted in damage to your property or preventing access.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal

One of our tree surgeons will first check your tree for any fractured limbs, splits and all other gale damage. If it’s possible our staff will mend the tree and take off any broken or cracked limbs to make your tree secure again.

When the tree has fallen or is irreparable then our team will safely and securely remove the tree for you.

So regardless if you are looking at trimming back a few limbs from your tree, want your tree checked for disorders or storm damage, a complete tree removed, a tree stump ground down or removed or just some advice/quote for tree work please phone 01276 855419 now.

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