Stump Grinding in Surrey

Tree stumps can be an unsightly inconvenience in your outdoor space as well as getting in the way of any construction or development work that you may wish to carry out.

Stump Grinding Services

Removing them by without the correct tools and know how can cause damage to the surrounding lawn or beds, leading to additional repair costs further down the line.

We offer stump grinding in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire at both residential and commercial properties. This is also included in our extensive site clearance service that we provide to developers and construction companies.

No job is too big or small

Once the stump has been successfully removed, we’re able to plant new shrubs or trees in its place to add to your garden aesthetic.

The arisings (grindings) will be left onsite to breakdown and re-fill the hole left by the grinding process. Alternatively, these arisings can be taken away but this must be discussed with us prior to starting the job.

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